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Home Office Computer Wall Mounted Folding Desk with Shelves

Home Office Computer Wall Mounted Folding Desk with Shelves

Working at home is the convenience the digital era has brought to the world. Having a conducive and functional workspace can impact productivity. Picking the right home office desk that fits your style and budget is crucial. 

It is essential to have a space where you can move around with ease and comfort while working at home. Thus, finding the right home office desk can make all the difference in enhancing working habits and increasing productivity. 

If you are looking for that perfect home office desk, this furniture selection might be the right one for you:

Trendy and Functional Home Office Desks Ideas

Wall Mounted Office Computer Desk with Drawer

If you don’t have enough floor space, wall mounted desk can perfectly fit in your small home office. The Wall Mounted Office Desk is rendered in a rich and flawless wood veneer to add a touch of classic appeal to your workspace. 

The neutral colors and intricate wooden details can elevate your space with a posh style and raw essence. It is scaled to fit small home office workspaces with functional features and quality materials. 

Size: 28.5" W x 19.25" D x 13" H
Price: $110

Wood and Metal Industrial Home Office Computer Desk with Bookshelves

The stand-alone Industrial Home Office Desk is perfect for industrial space. If you have books that need piling and other home office items that you use every day, it has shelves where you can conveniently store and access them. 

The Industrial Home Office Desk has a simple design that can easily fit in any modern and industrial interior. It is perfectly scaled to fit a medium-sized home office workspace and designed to give you extra storage and boost your productivity. 

Dimensions: 47" W x 25.5" D x 48" H
Price: $180

Wall Mount Laptop Fold-out Desk with Shelves

The Wall Mounted Fold-Out Desk is designed to give you extra storage and space. It is a modular piece of furniture that you can easily fold out your working desk. It is rendered in a dark wood veneer to add a taste of sophistication to your workspace. 

The Wall Mounted Fold-Out Desk is a modern piece of furniture that caters to every modern family who works at home. Its simple exteriors make it a versatile piece of furniture that can fit well in any modern, oriental, or Mid-century home office space. 

Size: 23.5" W x 34.25" D x 59.5" H, Folded: 23.5" W x 8" D x 30.75" H
Price: $155

Kori Desk

The Kori Desk is an elegant working desk made with solid wood legs and a wood veneer table top. It is beautifully rendered in a rich brown palette that will dwell beautifully in a rustic or modern Mid-century home office design. 

The Kori Desk is a perfect option for luxurious workspaces. It is designed to add extra storage and enhance your productivity. The pristine stature and flawless finesse of the Kori Desk emanate stylish, posh taste. 

Material: Solid wood legs | Veneer top
Dimensions: W 120cm x D 63cm x H 75cm
Price: $2,024

Willingham Working Desk

The Willingham Working Desk is an easy choice. It is spotless in the facade, functional, and has the ideal amenities of an ideal home office desk. It is rendered in a rich brown palette and embellished with a gold brass frame. 

The Willingham Working Desk will fit in a small home office to a large one. You can easily perch the desk on your wall and instantly save space while integrating a purposeful piece of furniture into your workspace. 

Material: Solid acacia wood | Metal frame
Color: Boston cherry | Brushed brass metal frame
Dimensions: W 90cm x D 50cm x H 153cm

Price: $1,392

The furniture in your home office space can help you boost your productivity. The more functional and convenient it is, your everyday working habits will improve. Bohemian Home Decor has an array of home office furniture for all styles and sizes.

Our home office desk selection can cater to all your home office needs. 

We handpick modern, Mid-century, and modular home office pieces to cater to the different needs of our unique clientele. We provide a boutique-like home shopping experience to bring comfort and ease to your online shopping needs.

Our US-based warehouse guarantees your package's pristine and perfect condition as we hand-deliver them to your humble abode. We make an outright effort to give quick delivery service and easy online transactions.

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