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Stunning Bedroom Wall Light Ideas For Your Home

The bedroom is a sanctuary. It is where you lay and rest to prepare for the next day’s work. It has to exude a calming atmosphere. One of the most influential design elements in the bedroom is the lighting design. Lighting can significantly alter one’s mood. While bright lights give off energy, dim lights can help in one’s sleep.

General lighting in the bedroom is essential; task lighting, on the other hand, is essential for getting you ready for the dreamland. So, we curated our top wall lighting fixtures to give you an idea of your next bedroom revamp.

Exquisite Bedroom Wall Light To Better Your Sleeping Habits

The Elegance of Catalina Wall Lamp

The Catalina Wall Lamp is simply ravishing. Its clear-cut form will create an exquisite appeal in your bedroom just right before you sleep. Its soft edges will give your space a more comforting and inviting appeal, while the gold polished base exhibits an unequivocal sophistication. The combination of neutral palettes displays a simple yet elegant design. It is both a decorative and functional lighting fixture. It will give your favorite Mid-century lounge chair more purpose.

Material: Metal, Glass
Color: Black | Brass
Dimensions: L 20cm x W 26cm x H 26cm

The Sleek Industrial Appeal of Sergio One Curved Arm Sconce Wall Lamp

The linear shape and geometrical shade of the Sergio One Curved Arm Sconce is a perfect task lighting for modern and industrial bedroom spaces. Apart from its adjustable and movable feature, the satin-finished black surface displays quite a chic image. It is a beautiful addition to your bedroom accent wall if you like reading in the evening before you lay your head to sleep. Put it beside your Mid-century modern lounge chairs and you will instantly have a quaint reading nook.

Color: Black | White
Material: Carbon steel / Copper
Dimensions: L 99cm x H 40cm

The Grecian Essence of the Gold Reino Wall Lamp

Imagine having a quiet evening in your bedroom; perhaps, with a bottle of red wine and your favorite Netflix series, it will be a comforting evening. The Reino Wall Lamp, painted in the magnificent hue of gold, will provide a hotel-like experience every night. Its simplistic form and finesse will create a luxurious ambiance during your Saturday night plans. It is a palatial way to spend your evenings in your comfort zone.

Material: Steel shade & frame
Color: Gold
Dimensions: Diameter 34cm x H 30cm 

The Delicate Structure of the Zion Wall Lamp

The Zion Wall Lamp is a purposeful decorative wall lamp that will provide stunning lighting into your evening. Its posh wall lamp design will add a sense of sensual atmosphere. The silken-finish gold base is sleek and outright functional. The oval-shaped shade, on the other hand, exudes a balance of soft and edgy appeal.  If you are looking for a wall lamp that is both aesthetically striking and purposeful, the Zion Wall Lamp is a pragmatic choice. 

Material: Metal
Color: Black | White
Dimensions: W 15cm x D 53cm x H 85cm

The Modern Facade of the Karina Wall Sconce

The Karina Wall Sconce will blend well with your modern bedroom design. It will bring subtle yet inviting lighting into your bed chamber. The muted brightness it will provide will make you feel relaxed and serene in your mind. It is a modern lighting fixture that is balanced with sophisticated style and decorative function. The Karina Wall Sconce is an ambient lighting fixture that will beautifully highlight the details of your wall decors, modern Mid-century chairs, and wall surfaces. 

Color: Brushed Brass | Black (the black color is closer to a charcoal gunmetal color in person and is not jet black) | Chrome
Material: Aluminum + Glass
Dimensions: L 18cm x W 20.6cm x H 78cm 

The Simplicity of the Sergio One-Arm Sconce Wall Lamp

The Sergio One-Arm Sconce Wall Lamp is both an ambient and task lighting fixture. Its Gothic-inspired form and palette will add a distinct Gothic appeal to your Gothic bedroom design. It is a minimalist lighting fixture that can also pair well with industrial designs. Its modular features will bring convenience to your night reading habits. It will provide the right illumination to keep your sleeping cycle intact. 

Color: Black | White
Material: Metal
Dimensions: L 70cm

Wall lights are not just decorative. It has to serve its intended function to provide the ideal atmosphere around your bedroom. Wall lights are perfect for those who want to have a peaceful atmosphere at night. Apart from giving your space functional illumination, wall lamps are also energy efficient. 

The Bohemian Home Decor has a ritz selection of wall lights. We curate different lighting fixtures, seasonal home decor, and furniture worldwide to bring elegant and functional lighting into your home. Our boutique-like customer service, along with our website intentionally designed to bring comfort and ease to your shopping experience, provides easy and breezy online transactions. 

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