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How Living Room Lighting Can Help You Live a Better Life

Every living being responds to natural light. Such a phenomenon is called the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a 24-hr biological cycle that is influenced or caused by a light reception. Other factors such as temperature and stimuli also impact the process. 

Most people have a natural or internal clock that synchronizes with the light we absorb, our mood, sleep cycle, wakefulness, digestion, and cell renewal are directly affected. An adequate level of light can enhance mood, energy, and productivity. It also affects one’s concentration, appetite, and other daily experiences. 

While our circadian rhythm solely depends on natural lighting, artificial lighting, on the other hand, also greatly impacts our body cycle. Hence, it is vital to mimic the cycle of natural lighting into our homes.

How To Mimic Natural Daylight Cycle with Artificial Lights?

It all depends on the level of brightness of your artificial lights. During the day, it is recommended to have brighter and more intense lighting, while evening lighting needs to be dimmer. 

Choosing the right artificial light temperature and lumens is crucial. Going the opposite configuration can confuse your natural clock and can cause disruptions to your overall well-being.

Warm Lighting

Warm lights create a calming ambiance that makes the space inviting and relaxing. Warm lights are ideal during the evening. It makes one feel relaxed, which can lead to a night of better sleep. 

Cool Lighting

Cool lighting is fitting during the day. It is stimulating, boosts energy levels, and induces focus and alertness. Thus, productivity can increase.

How Does Proper Living Room Lighting Enhance Your Lifestyle?

It Can Improve Your Mood

The living room is a space where you and your family mostly dwell throughout the day. Having insufficient lighting around your living room can display a gloomy ambiance. Thus, moods can change from feeling spirited to dreary. 

Ambient lighting in the living room is essential. It keeps the mood positive while creating a warm, comforting feeling. Wall lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and other lighting decors for the living room are all equally important in enhancing your mood. It will add a more tasteful appeal to your existing modern Mid-century chairs, lounge chairs, and other furniture.

Bohemian Home Decor has a wide selection of light decor for home. Chandeliers, lamps, and other decorative pieces that are essential for improving your mood are available at our online shop. These pieces are handpicked to bring the right light to your space as well as visual impacts. 

It Simplifies Your Daily Chores

Task lighting is essential both in improving productivity as well as energy efficiency. While general lighting lits up the whole space, task lighting is specifically pointed at a certain area or direction. 

Task lighting is typically three times brighter than ambient lighting. If your living room has become a workspace, it is ideal integrating task lighting to help you increase your focus and productivity. Thus, you can get the job done without feeling stressed.

Highlights Your Living Rooms Best Features

Accent lighting can highlight specific elements in your living that you find stimulating. Having eye candy around your living room can delight you with a positive aura. Your favorite painting, a sculpture, curated Mid-century modern chairs, or potted plants will be beautifully presented with the right accent lighting.

While accent lighting is only for absolute aesthetics, it also serves as entertainment around the space. It adds personality to your living room while uplifting your mood by exhibiting a visually engaging corner. 

Floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lamps are just a few that you can add to your living room lighting design to highlight its best features.

Living an Energy-Efficient, Sustainable, and Nature-Friendly Life

Your living room lighting design goes beyond the facade. Its functional values can significantly improve your lifestyle while promoting an energy-efficient and sustainable lifestyle. The right kind of lighting allows you to do your everyday tasks to the optimum. Moreover, it helps reduce energy costs and advocates a nature-friendly lifestyle.

The Right Light Decor For Living Room

Your living room is where family bonding happens. Playing board games, watching TV, and other family activities take place in the living room. Layering light around this space can enhance your family time while keeping the space efficient and functional. 

Recessed down lighting is ideal for general lighting in the living room. It ensures that all the light hits downwards for better illumination. It also prevents creating shadows and bouncing off to the wrong corners. 

Wall lamps can layer your lighting design in a way that is only concentrated in a certain area. It gives off a warm atmosphere while creating an engaging appeal to your wall.

Track lighting is another way of lighting a certain area in your living room. Additionally, it is movable; hence, you can change its direction at any time. 

Task lighting will give you enough light if you are working in your living room. It keeps you concentrated in your workspace while providing enough illumination.

Living room lighting can greatly impact your daily life. Lighting directly influences mood, sleeping cycles, and productivity. Imagine being in a living room that exudes a somber mood. It is likely for your mood to par with it. Hence, designing your living room must include the right lighting design. 

Bohemian Home Decor curates trendy modern Mid-century chairs and furniture, and lighting fixtures that are aesthetically appealing and functional. Our array of chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, and other lighting decors for homes are diverse in design to cater to different living room design concepts. 

We have a US-based warehouse that can guarantee the immaculate condition of all the lighting fixtures we hand deliver. Bohemian Home Decor provides a boutique-like online shopping experience that can help you throughout your process of creating that ideal living room lighting for better everyday living.

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