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Top 10 Best Wall Lights For Living Room Picks For 2022

Wall Lights For Living Room

Lighting is an essential part of the design. The right lighting can refresh your space with illumination that can turn your mood around. Modern lighting has to be both for aesthetics and function. Your dull living room can turn into a magical abode at night with the right combination of lighting temperatures. 

If you want to revamp your space and add a twist of drama to the dark corners of your living room, here are our best wall light picks ideal for your living room:

Lighting Decoration Ideas for Living Room 

Zion Wall Lamp

The Zion Wall Lamp exudes an outright monumental appeal. The sleek gold polished arm paired with the opaque black shade emanates an opulent image perfect for modern minimalist space. The neutral colors made it a versatile piece of lighting fixture that can go well with any colors. 

The Zion Wall Lamp is a chic lighting fixture that will add a fresh glow to your living room. It can turn your space into a more purposeful milieu that celebrates refined taste and modern elegance. It is an exquisite and functional lighting design.

Material: Metal
Color: Black | White
Dimensions: W 15cm x D 53cm x H 85cm

Reino Wall Lamp

The Reino Wall Lamp is outright an upscaled industrial lighting fixture with a twist of Gothic appeal. The satin-finish surface of the black shade and base creates a simplistic style making it a versatile piece of lighting fixture. 

The Reino wall lamp will be perfect in living room spaces that highlight simple things with extraordinary charm. It can illuminate and highlight a beautiful painting perched on your wall and accentuate the vivid colors and textures. 

Material: Steel shade & frame
Dimensions: Diameter 34cm x H 30cm

Sergio One Curved Arm Sconce Wall Lamp

The Sergio One Curved Sconce Wall Lamp is a functional lighting decoration idea for minimalist spaces. It will light up an oriental space with a subtle glow. It will spotlight your wall decors and feature their intricate details in such a dramatic glowing effect. 

The Sergio One Curved Sconce Wall Lamp is meant to add a touch of warmth to your space. It will illuminate your living room with an inviting ambiance. The simplicity of its structure will bring a taste of unconventional essence to your living room. 

Color: Black | White
Material: Carbon steel / Copper
Dimensions: L 99cm x H 40cm

Jayda Tall Wall Lamp

The Jayda Tall Lamp is a simple lighting fixture that will decorate your space with glowing downright illumination. The distinct inverted cone-shaped shade will add a taste of figurative image to your space while sprucing it up with modern abstract artistry. 

The Jayda Tall Wall Lamp will beautifully feature the intricate details of your wall decor. Perhaps, a painting that exudes exquisite and charming art will look grander with the right warmth of the Jayda Tall Wall Lamp. 

Material: Aluminium
Color: Black | White
Dimensions: W 18.5cm x D 22.5cm x H 38cm

Nyla Wall Light

The Nyla Wall Light will illuminate your space with a dramatic visual glow. The gold palettes it display adds a twist of luxurious touch to your milieu. It will add a taste of muted elegant luminescence while adding layers to your lighting design. 

The Nyla Wall Light is a sophisticated wall light design idea that can turn your humble space into an extraordinary abode with extraordinary character. It is an opulent pick if you want a little something charming and delicate to add to your living room space. 

Material: Aluminium, Iron, Acrylic
Color: Gold
Dimensions: L 33cm x W 11.5cm x H 18cm

Theresa Wall Lamp

The Theresa Wall Lamp is a stylish and functional lighting design idea to add to your living room. The reflective surface of the chrome-finished base adds a layer of drama while illuminating your space with a bold white light luminescence. 

The Theresa Wall Lamp is an unconventional lighting fixture with a twist of modern industrial elegance. It has a delicate charm that will wow your family and friends. Its transparent spherical shade will boost your space with a striking and captivating glow. 

Material: Polished chromed metal | Diffuser in transparent blown glass
Color: Clear
Dimensions: D 32.5cm x L 25cm x H 40cm

Alayna Wall Lamp

The Alayna Wall Lamp is a perfect lighting fixture to illuminate your wall's vivid texture and color. It will bring warmth and a comforting atmosphere to your space. Its pristine curves and translucent shade transpire to stimulate a good mood. 

The Alayna Wall Lamp has an impeccable facade that showcases simplicity at its finest. Its unequivocal function layers your space with theatrical lighting effects. It is visually compelling. 

Material: Aluminium, Iron, Crystal Glass
Color: White+Black
Dimensions: Diameter 38cm x H 90cm

Rikard Mega Wall Lamp

The Rikard Mega Wall Lamp is a great lighting design idea if you are looking for a task lighting fixture to add to your living room. It is adjustable and allows you to direct the spotlight to your desired area. 

Its simple design makes it a versatile piece of lighting fixture that can fit well in any home interior. It will beautifully highlight your favorite home decor with its striking glow. It can be a great addition to your Mid-century living room space. 

Material: Fully adjustable articulated arm structure in aluminum | Stainless steel tension cable | Fabric shade
Color: White Shade
Dimensions: L 75cm x H 82cm x Diameter 24cm

Balloon Hand-Blown Glass & Brass Wall Light

The Balloon Hand-Blown Glass and Brass Wall Light is a statement piece. It is handcrafted to create an unconventional piece of lighting decor that will captivate the eyes and embrace the warmth. 

Its grotesque figure will make a great conversation starter. It will illuminate your space with a youthful glow with a twist of subtle elegance. It has a charming yet notable character that will bring intrigue and interest. 

Material: Brass and hand-blown glass
Color: Brushed brass | Clear and white frosted glass
Dimensions: L 20cm x W 17cm x H 28cm

Marine Wall Lamp - Long Arm

The Marine Wall Lamp is a minimalist design ideal for ultra-minimalist spaces. Its sleek, thin arm showcases an outright simplicity yet in a way beaming with intrigue. It will light up your living room with a bold glow to add a purposeful essence to your living room workspace. 

The Marine Wall Lamp is a perfect addition to spaces that celebrates simple and minimalistic designs. Its long arm will add a twist of dramatic form to your space while adding a tinge of radical lighting. 

Material: Iron
Color: Black | White
Dimensions: W 203cm x D 6cm x H 76cm

Lighting can significantly alter the look and function of your space. It can create layers of details and a soul-warming glow with the right luminescence and design. These lighting design ideas are timeless and trendy. It will add a taste of palatial glow to your space while giving you more layers of lighting for a more welcoming and comforting ambiance. 

Your lighting fixture choices make all the difference in your overall home interiors. If you are looking for the best wall lights that offer all kinds of lighting decor styles, Bohemian Home Decor is an online furniture store that provides a boutique-like customer home shopping experience. 

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