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Get Perfect Floor Lamps For Living Room

Floor lamps are decorative lighting with essential functions. They add a monumental appeal to your space while providing adequate brightness to the intended areas of the living space. The ideal floor lamp shade shape contributes to the overall style of your space, be it lighting or design.

Designing your living space with a Mid-century floor lamp can revamp your plain ambiance with a little something inviting. If you are looking for a selection of floor lamps that will remake your living room atmosphere, here are some of the most exquisite floor lamps for living room from our collection:

Floor Lamps That Will Remake Your Living Space

An Elegant Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

The Alta 3 Light Floor Lamp is an elegant addition to your space. Its slim figure can fit even in small living spaces. It exudes a silken gold surface with intricate geometric details. It is a luxe modern lighting piece with a flair for futuristic style. The Alta Floor Standing Lamp adds a heart-warming glow to your evening ambiance. It has a luxe gold facade that can make the perfect floor lamp for living rooms that flaunts an elegant, posh style.

A Charming Mid-Century Floor Lamp

Add a taste of charismatic glow to your space with a Logic Terrazzo Marble Floor Standing Lamp. It is decorated with translucent ball lamps, anchored in a luxurious marble base, and accentuated with a polished gold stand. The opulent facade it exhibits will revamp your space with a posh, feminine finesse. The Logic Terrazzo Marble Floor Lamp will add elegant value to your luxurious living space. Its practical size makes it easy to fit even in the small corners of your living room.

A Chic, Minimalist Floor Lamp

A simple floor lamp design can fit any home interior style. The Reprise Floor Lamp flaunts a reflective silken gold base and a ribbed trim fabric shade. The unequivocal simplicity of its veneer makes it easy to blend with your home decor and furniture. It emits a bleak luminescence that can light up a portion of your living space. It has a sleek figure and a crisp shimmering lamp that can create a dramatic evening glow.

A Radical, Monumental Floor Lamp

If you are looking for a little something unconventional in form, the Charlton Metal Floor Lamp will add a great deal of voguish appeal to your living room. It is a structural floor lamp for living room that exhibits clean, refreshing styles. The Charlton Floor Lamp is decorated with a pure white palette that will create a harmonious ambiance in your space. It will dwell beautifully in modern oriental spaces or Mid-century living rooms.

An Abstract Floor Lamp

A minimalist living space will find the Bristol Arched Floor Lamp the perfect lighting decor. Its notable figure and sleek exterior will add a distinctive style to your living space. The translucent white cone shade blended with the polished black metal stand creates an impressive geometric balance. Its pristine curvature can render your living space a supple appeal. Your minimalist sofa couch will light up exquisitely with its subtle warm glow.

Floor lamps make a great impact on your living space. They will add a taste of classic, natural charm to your beautiful abode. Bohemian Home Decors has a selection of exquisite floor lamps. Our floor lamp collection exudes worldly design and quality from mid-century, modern, contemporary, and industrial styles. 

Bohemian Home Decor is an online furniture store. We are advocates of good design that adds comfort and beauty to households. We sell various home decor, furniture, and seasonal items to provide our customers with a complete and secure online shopping experience.

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