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5 Decorative Floor Lamps For Your Living Room

Give your space a taste of a visual lighting display and a twist of an unconventional element by picking a voguish floor lamp for your living room. Floor lamps render the space with grandiose lighting. It adds a layer of optical entertainment that adds a twist of intrigue to your ambiance and tasteful finesse to your curated modern Mid-century chairs.

Floor lamps are mainly decorative but contribute to the overall atmosphere of your interiors. The right tone of lighting will create an abode enveloped in warmth and coziness. It will add a soul-warming glow that will refresh your evening mood. 

If you are searching for a little something radical to add to your living room design, here are some decorative floor lamps that might just fit in your living room design concept:

Decorative Floor Lamps for Living Rooms

A Quixotic Industrial Floor Lamp

An otherworldly floor lamp will add a taste of illusory appeal to your space. It will make the idyllic statement piece for your industrial-chic living room. The Reflection Floor Lamp exudes a sleek, thin base with a bold, oversized iron shade that illuminates the space with bleak warm lighting. It is an upscaled industrial floor lamp that will fit beautifully in rustic spaces, industrial interiors, and Mid-century modern chair designs.

A Sleek Multi-Functional Floor Lamp

While most floor lamps are purely decorative, the Karsyn Floor Lamp is functional and aesthetically alluring. The sleek polished figure it displays showcases pristine curves and towering lines. It has a smooth-finish translucent bulb perched on top of a small space for your books, coffee, or vases. It is a multifunctional floor lamp exhibiting a sophisticated design that can add a twist of minimalist essence to your space. It will make the perfect pairing with your Mid-century modern chairs and lounge chairs. 

A Playful Elegant Floor Lamp

If your living space celebrates luxurious, refined design elements, the Soili Marble Floor Lamp will beautifully blend. It has a feminine, supple finesse that exudes palatial appeal. It is anchored in rich, subtle details of marble and accentuated with polished gold hues. It displays an impeccable balance of luxe design and practical purpose. It lights up the space with a muted white gleam that will brighten up your evening atmosphere. The Soili Marble Floor Lamp is an elegant piece of lighting fixture that layers the space with high-end hotel-like character.

An Exquisitely Dramatic Floor Lamp

Add a taste of dramatic image to your living space by integrating a utopian floor lamp that flaunts a smooth, reflective surface. The Jonna Floor Lamp emanates a futuristic facade that mirrors a strobing image of your living space. It layers the space with a dreamy, intriguing picture with a twist of sophistication. It is a unique floor lamp design that emits an eye-catching evening light. It will render your hand-picked modern armchairs with lustrous glowing silhouettes. 

A Modern-Chic Floor Lamp

If it's chic and simple that you are rooting for, the Theresa Floor Lamp appears almost blending into the background. It has a transparent veneer that will add a harmonious touch to your space. It exudes a beautiful balance between modern design and elegant chic style. It illuminates the space with bleak white lighting that will wrap your living space with a tantalizing gleam. It is a modern-chic floor lamp boasting a blissful simplicity. 

Floor Lamps are meant to beguile. It is meant to add a touch of visual drama to your evening mood. Bohemian Home Decor is a curator of exquisite, unique floor lamps. We handpick statement pieces that will spark meaningful conversations among your family and friends.

Bohemian Home Decor is an online furniture store. We are advocates of good design that adds comfort and beauty to households. We sell various home decor, modern Mid-century chairs and other furniture, and seasonal items to provide our customers with a complete and secure online shopping experience. 

Bohemian Home Decor ensures safe transactions and quick delivery service. Our boutique-like customer service provides our customers with a one-on-one experience to guide them through the online buying process. We want you to feel at home with us.

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