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13 Best Wall Decor Ideas For 2022 You Should Try Out

Wall decors are one of the stylish ways to transform your plain walls into something interesting. Wall decors come in different forms. It can be a simple wooden floating shelf, a decorative clock, or a wine display rack. There’s no limit as to what you can mount on your wall to add a touch of style. The only essential design rule is that it has to complement all the other design elements in your space. 

If you are tired of looking at your plain boring wall, here are some wall decor ideas that might fit your interior style:

Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home

A Modern Grandfather Brown Oval Pendulum

A wall decor need not be just a mere decoration. It can also be functional like a modern pendulum clockAdd a touch of classic appeal to your home by mounting a rich wooden pendulum clock on your wall. Its classic figure and its vintage wooden appeal will add a vintage charm to your Mid-century abode. It will blend well with your modern Mid-century lounge chairs, armchairs, and accent chairs. 

The Modern Grandfather Brown Oval Pendulum showcases an absolute vintage exterior but is built with modern materials and techniques. It is a unique piece of wall decor that will pique many gazes of your family and friends. 

Decorative Contemporary Metal Wall Clock

The Decorative Contemporary Metal Wall Clock is perfect for modern minimalist houses. Its abstract figure and design will create quite a captivating charm while adding purpose to your design. It is a minimalist clock for minimalist spaces. 

The irregular circular design of the Decorative Contemporary Metal Wall Clock can be a centerpiece for your living room or bedroom. Its stylish and elegant quality will elevate your space with such artistic essence. 

Decorative Modern Wall Clock

The Decorative Modern Wall Clock with a wooden base is ideal for high-end industrial spaces. The rustic wood finish paired with sleek black lines and hands creates quite a visually striking impact. It has a silken finish round frame contrasted with a rectangular wood that exudes a unique craft and design.

The Decorative Modern Wall Clock can be an edgy wall decor along your hallway or plain kitchen walls. If you have a clay brick accent wall in your humble home, an industrial clock will turn your accent wall functional. It will blend well with your handpicked Mid-century modern chairs.  

Decorative Vintage Roman Numerical Wall Clock

Add a touch of ornamentation on your wall by embellishing it with a Decorative Vintage Wall Clock. The pristine art nouveau essence and the roman numerical numbers will add a touch of vintage charm to your space. 

It is a multifunctional wall decor that can turn your plain walls into an art exhibit. The Decorative Vintage Wall Clock is ideal wall decor for boho-chic spaces. The intricate leaf details and swirls will dazzle the space with a classy yet modern boho-chic appeal. 

Vintage Decorative Modern Wall Mounted Wine Display Rack

Who says wines can’t be decorative? If you have too much wine and can’t find a space to store them, why not highlight your best wine on your wall with a simple Vintage Decorative Wine Display Rack? It is a stylish and functional vintage wine rack that can store your wine beautifully. 

The Vintage Decorative Wine Display Rack is a perfect wall decor for industrial spaces. The simple, sleek black shade and clear-cut silken finish frame exude modern elegance with a touch of vintage charm. It can create a cohesive look with your modern Mid-century dining chairs.

Decorative Modern Round Accent Floating Shelf

Floating shelves are one of the impressive and edgy ways to display your favorite books, artisan vases, or favorite scented candles. Apart from decorating your boring wall, it also gives you a space that can help clear clutter. 

The Decorative Modern Round Accent Floating Shelf has a chic round frame and rustic wooden shelf. The simplicity of its design will beautifully feature the personal items you want to display. It is a functional decorative floating shelf that can create a trendy and youthful appeal. 

Decorative Contemporary Metal Wall Clock with Marble Look Face

The luxurious facade of the marble base of the Decorative Contemporary Wall Clock will add a taste of Grecian elegance to your luxury home. The marble's intricate details and rose gold frame simply exhibit an opulent style. 

The Decorative Contemporary Wall Clock is perfect for decorating the plain walls of your hallways or kitchen. It can be easily mounted on your wall, making it even more convenient. It is a minimalist luxury clock that can add essential purpose to your wall. 

Decorative Metal Wall Mounted Hook for Hanging Plants

The Decorative Metal Wall-Mounted Hook will look extravagant with your beautiful pothos. It will be an exquisite touch on your foyer or main door. The tiny leaves' beautiful details and curvatures add a touch of art nouveau essence to your home. 

Why not go big and welcome your guests with a time-honored piece of decorative plant hooks? It will turn your doorstep into a whimsical milieu with a touch of classic appeal. 

Decorative Black Metal Wall Planter Hooks

The Decorative Black Metal Wall Planter Hooks are embellished with little birds and leaves. It is a charming addition to your dream-like garden. The silken black surface and the chic, classic design will add a charismatic effect to your outdoor walls. 

It is a vintage way of decorating your house with potted plants and vibrant flowers. Turn your simple home exterior into something that came from a Disney movie, and your family and friends will feel welcomed and cozy as they enter your humble milieu. 

Wrought Iron Bronze Scrolled Wall Decor

The Wrought Iron Bronze Wall Decor will embellish your wall with an artisan touch. The magnetizing swirling pattern will mesmerize your family and friends as they take a long glimpse. Its impressive pattern creates a captivating visual impact that can turn your plain wall into a vintage art display. 

The Wrought Iron Bronze Wall Decor is a perfect decor for Bohemian Home Décor -inspired spaces. It can be a statement piece in your living room or something to decorate the dull corners of your bedroom.

Distressed-Look Fleur de Lis Wall Decor

The Distressed-Look Fleur de Lis Wall Decor will look extravagant in rustic interior spaces. The impeccable distressed details make a unique yet striking appeal. It is a beautiful wall decor that exudes a vintage charm. 

If you are looking for unique wall decor for your boho-chic bedroom or rustic living room, the intricate details of the Distressed-Look Fleur de Lis Wall Decor will turn your wall into a dreamy place for dwelling. 

Sabrina Print

Decorate your dull wall with one-of-a-kind detailed prints and your wall will never look as plain as it was. The Sabrina Print displays a beautiful contrast between a realistic portrait and colored tropical leaves. It can blend beautifully within a space decorated with tropical styles. 

The Sabrina Print is a cheap way of decorating your wall without actually looking cheap. Why not embellish your plain walls with large prints if you are on a tight budget?

Little Bird Print

The Little Bird Print exhibits quite a captivating image. The beautiful details of the portrait and the lush intricacy of the feathers create an engaging appeal that will make you look twice. The Little Bird Print will be perfect in industrial or modern spaces if you want to elevate your minimalist space with some captivating. 

The Little Bird Print is an easy and cheap wall decor idea that can decorate your dull white walls with intrigue. Its edgy print and versatile color can go well with any interior design concept. 

Wall decors need not be expensive or non-functional. There are endless ways you can do to turn your dull wall into an exhibit of style. Wall decors are essential in creating a space far from boring. It can also be a way of highlighting your unique taste and personality. With the right style, color, and function, your wall will become a gallery of your character.

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